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Thank you for taking a moment to visit LBI Limited. We specialize in the purchase, sales, and brokerage of investment grade classic cars. We advise our clients on an investment basis, and have a thorough understanding of these alternative investments in the current market place. Classic car storage, classic car consignment, brokerage, and other consulting services are available as well. Read More »

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Since 2009, LBI has been catering to enthusiasts, investors, and collectors in the special interest automobile market place.

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Before I begin let me start off  by saying, yes, this is another story of a “barn find”, much like every other dilapidated and dust covered car that has spilled out of some decrepit hiding hole as of recently. But this story is different; this story focuses on something a little less tangible. It requires one to think a little deeper and look past the pomp and hype that is thrown around with the term “barn find”. I am speaking on … Continue reading


  Being born in the 1980’s means there was a plethora of Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa posters draped across our bedroom walls as children. The radical wedge design was in full force with large vents, angular styling, and cabin forward position to accommodate larger engine sizes, all of which seemed unnecessary and excessive. These design flaws; or should I say, design feats make these cars horribly amazing and utterly awesome compared to any other era! Fast forward about 35 … Continue reading